Laura + Amy by  Fox & Kin

Laura + Amy by Fox & Kin

Here’s what Secret Book Stuff is all about…

Being kind

The smile of a stranger can go a long way to brightening someone's day, and so can some well-chosen words. Who doesn't love a random compliment, a spontaneous letter in the mail, a secret book placed on their doorstep?

Reading books

We give books new life with a personalized, eco gift-giving service that spreads the love of literature. It’s scientifically proven that reading makes you a better person. Books for the win.

Loving the planet

We are committed to preserving the beauty of this planet as a plastic-free business. We only use 100% recyclable and recycled materials, like our biodegradable hemp twine from Buy Eco Green, which you can pop straight in the compost or garden. Please respect our commitment and recycle your gift responsibly. (Except the book! If it's not barking up your tree, pay it forward and pass your gift to someone who needs a little love.)

Loving each other

Research shows that being kind to others minimizes stress. So by sending a secret book to a friend, it's safe to say you'll be feeling pretty great about life. You’re creating a ripple effect… we pay it forward by donating a Secret Book gift to someone in need, through one of our charity partnerships.

“with freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”

Let us tell you a little story.

Secret Book Stuff is a kindness project to spread the love of literature and create a little more magic in the world, started in 2017 by Amy, a writer and bibliophile based in Newcastle, Australia. With almost a thousand books adorning every corner and crevasse of her home, she decided it was time to pass those well-loved pages to others. She started wrapping her own pre-loved books in eco materials and dropping them at cafes, bus stops, hospitals, schools, and door steps.

Enter Laura, a writer and poet drowning in her own teetering pile of books. It wasn’t long before Secret Book Stuff caught her eye.

Long story short, Laura loved books. Amy loved books. Suddenly, they fell in love... and decided to combine their book collection and run Secret Book Stuff together.

We are Amy and Laura: writers, bibliophiles, and partners in (book-related) crime. Between us, we have 1,611 books, but check in with us tomorrow and there’ll probably be more. #notsorry